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Some blog posts from our dog walker Ron!

Wow, what a great hike today! Had a good mix of my pack and Sandy’s with me. Didn’t realize when I started out that 2 smaller cock-a-poo’s ( Amy & Chloe D/WW ) are so much alike in character yet so different in looks. Amy is black and looks like a miniature poodle whereas Chloe is tan in colour looking more like a spaniel minus floppy ears. They both rode together in my front passenger seat and were excellent, enjoying each others companionship. When not with me on the trail, they ran and played together. Both were very tired doggies for the ride home. When I finally got Amy home, owner was there and couldn’t believe how she was still panting heavily and knew Amy enjoyed her hike. Best thing is I get them again together on Friday.

The 4 other bigger dogs ( Abbey, Boston, Mack & Ursa ) all had great runs together along the trail with good play. Initially, once released Mack, Abbey and Ursa have a 5 second domination conference and best friends thereafter because they worked it out amongst themselves without any issues. I keep a strict control of this situation and purely their excitement in the moment of being unleashed with opportunity to run loose seems to get the better of each. Maturity of both Mack and Ursa is very noticeable for the better in past month or so. By the way, Mack is 2 yrs old and Ursa getting close. Something magical happens at that 2 yr. mark and certainly something all of us should be aware of ( there are better days ahead ) with younger doggies. Similar to children with their naughty 2’s.

Bye until next time.


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